Excluded and Restricted Products

Excluded Products List

“Excluded Products” means:

Cigars, cigarettes, tobacco or other products containing tobacco;

Firearms and all associated parts, kits and ammunition; realistic imitation firearms; air weapons, air guns, BB guns and airsoft guns which are illegal and/or illegal to sell via the Internet; spear guns; crossbows with a barrel; mace; black powder and all explosives; offensive weapons;

Fireworks and other pyrotechnics;

Knives, knife blades, razor blades, swords, daggers, axes and any other articles with a blade or which are sharply pointed and are made or adapted for use for causing injury to persons, with the exception of (i) razor blades permanently enclosed in a cartridge or housing with less than 2 mm of blade exposed, (ii) unlockable folding blades of less than 3 inches, (iii) folding blades of less than 3 inches forming part of a multi-tool device, (iv) kitchen knives, (v) electric carving knives;

Medicines and veterinary medicines, medicinal products, medicinal feeds and remedies of any type which are sold by a seller who does not have the necessary licenses, authorisations and/or professional qualifications to sell such products or has such licenses, authorisations or professional qualifications but has not been approved to sell this category of products by Openkart;

Any prohibited drug;

Openkart prohibits the sale of caffeine powder, bulk caffeine powder and pure caffeine powder. When a product is marketed as caffeine powder, but we cannot determine the concentration or purity of the caffeine, we will prohibit such items. Openkart allows the sale of supplements and related products that contain caffeine as an ingredient, and we allow the sale of liquid or tablet caffeine products;

Products containing human growth hormone;

Elements of the human body and medical implants;

Any live animals;

Products made of or containing any or part of any plant or animal, the sale, storage, import or export of which is prohibited or regulated, such as, for example, endangered species, elephant ivory, coral, sea turtle shells, most reptile skins;

Any product that contains other ingredients that are prohibited, restricted or regulated under applicable law;

“Sex and sensuality” products;

Products containing prohibited images of children and any other violent, offensive, obscene or sexual content that is unlawful;

Loose gemstone products;

Products that cannot be lawfully shipped to or sold in India;

Gift cards, gift vouchers and other stored value instruments;

Any product that is subject to a product recall;

Products that infringe another party’s Intellectual Property Rights;

DVDs other than region 2, region 0 or region All and Blu-ray discs other than region B or region free; and

Any other types of products that, at our discretion, are not supported for sale through the Services (including any prohibited items listed in the “Policies and Agreements” section of Seller Central or Your Account respectively); provided that an Excluded Product will cease to be an Excluded Product when we inform you so.

Restricted Products

As a seller on Openkart, you acknowledge and agree to comply with all applicable laws and regulations and with Openkart policies.

We provide this material for informational purposes only and it is not intended as legal advice in any manner whatsoever. We encourage you to consult with your legal counsel if you have questions about the laws and regulations concerning your products.

You should carefully review the “Examples of Prohibited Product Listing” sections in each product category shown below before listing your products on www.open-kart.com (“Website”). In addition, there are restrictions on the import and export of many products.

Consequences for Violations
Listing of products in violation of Openkart’s policies or violation of applicable laws and regulations may result in actions, such as:

Cancellation of listing

Limits on listing privileges

Suspension of listing privileges

Removal of your listing privileges

Termination of your agreement and such other arrangement with Openkart; or

Informing the relevant governmental, legal and regulatory authorities for necessary action

Openkart reserves the right to make judgments in its sole discretion about whether or not a listing is appropriate and whether the same is in contravention of Openkart’s policy.

Openkart encourages sellers to report product listings that violate Openkart’s policies or applicable laws at info@open-kart.com. Please include all relevant information, so we can conduct an investigation.

Examples of Prohibited Product Listings
The examples provided in these Help pages are not all-inclusive and are provided solely as an informational guide. In addition, any links provided are for informational purposes only, and Openkart does not warrant the accuracy, adequacy, completeness, legality, reliability or usefulness of any information provided in these links.

Restricted Products

Sports Collectibles Guidelines and examples
Coins and Paper Money Collectibles guidelines and examples
Entertainment Product Guidelines
Animals & Animal Products
Fine Art
Books, Pamphlets, Booklets, Periodicals, Films
Automotive and Powersports
Cosmetics & Skin/Hair Care
Currency, Coins & Cash Equivalents
Dietary Supplements
Drugs & Drug Paraphernalia
Food & Beverage
Gambling & Lottery
Hazardous & Dangerous Items
Human Parts & Burial Artifacts
Jewellery & Precious Gems
Large Appliances
Large Furniture
Stolen Property & Lock Picking Devices
Medical Devices and Accessories
Offensive Products
Plastic and Thermocol
Postage Meters & Stamps
Recalled Products
School Bundles
Surveillance Equipment
Tobacco & Tobacco-Related Products


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