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Open-kart.com is an e-commerce based convergence platform for Christian products. Open-kart.com brings together Christian publishers, sellers, content-producers and the customers together to create a wholesome shopping experience where you can find all that you need—from worship albums to church supplies—in one place at competitive prices.

We showcase a wide variety of Christian products from sellers all over India using a world-class marketplace platform, making sure that everything is accessible for you at your fingertips in this digital age, and we ship globally with trusted partners making sure that the products you buy reach you safely and with quality-guarantee.

Open-kart.com is managed by Open Door Publications Private Limited, one of the leading Christian publishing and marketing companies in India. With Open-kart.com, Open Door Publications Private Limited brings all of its expertise over the last 10 years in the e-commerce area to Christian content producers and publishers across India.

We also partner with other organizations and companies to add value to their products and services, especially in the area of digital publishing, selling and marketing. We provide also consultation and other services on a continuing, long-term basis, as well as project-by-project basis, depending upon the need. If you are an organization, company, or an individual person who would like to partner with us, or engage our services, please write to us at info@open-kart.com. Please also include a brief write-up about yourself/your company and the project for which you would like to engage our services.

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